Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Legally Inept

Aside from being a middle-aged child, I am legally inept. Being a lawyer, that's kind of a hindrance.

Well, I exaggerate. I'm not inept in the area that I practise in, but I'm a total imbecile in any other areas. That is one of the greatest myth about lawyers: that we are more capable than non-lawyers to argue in any dispute or cope with any kind of legal mess.  Nay nay. In fact, we may be worse off than a layperson, because years of law school and actual practice have frightened the daylights out of us about touching anything outside one's area of expertise. We become aware of all the pitfalls, and none of the strategems.

I am, right now, scared shitless as to how I am going to deal with a property damage dispute in my personal life.  I know that the charges for the property damage have been grossly inflated, on a scale of something like 10x the actual cost. But what can I do about it? All I want to do is to curl up in a corner, and get someone else to deal with it. Preferably my boss, but he's too expensive to hire.

I'm a child, I tell ya.

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